It is important which side of your body you use for sleeping.


Scientists prove that you need to sleep on your left side because it is the best position, because the other side’s used for sleeping will damage to several organs.


In addition we are going to present you the benefits that you gain if you are sleeping on your left side.



  1. Spine and breathing

Dr. John Dullard presents that: sleeping on back will cause pressure on the back and hips and cause pain in the lower back. Sleeping on the stomach will cause pressure on the lower back and neck. So the left side is the best solution, because the right side will make a pressure to the liver.



  1. Digestion

Sleeping on the left side will improve digestion. The blood will flow easily and then in the colon is good for you to make a change and resist on your left side, after eating.



  1. Lymph Draining

Douillard gives an explanation thatmost of the lymphatic system is present on the left side of your body.When lymphatic congestion happens, it is frequently on the left-hand side. Sleeping on the left side allows gravity to take some of the pressure of lymph drainage away from your heart and your spleen. Of course,the heart and the spleen are located on the left side of your body.

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