Hit these spots and removes the pain, anxiety and more in just 5 minutes!


This is a therapeutic strategy called Acupressure that tries to relieve pain or stimulate the functioning of internal organs exerting pressure on specific points of the hands , some specific parts of the face, the soles of the feet and the structures of the ear.

Chinese specialists for these focuses are identified with within our body through veins, conduits, nerves and fundamental channels . So when these vital focuses are squeezed, it has animpact on different parts of the body, including inside imperative organs.

It comes from one of the branches of traditional Chinese medicine, this is also found acupressure and acupuncture.

Today we will let you know what the specifics are to perform pressure point massage to alleviate torment as often as possible. For whenever you feel stomach agony or head, attempt this common arrangement before turning to the utilization of drugs.


The face

This point can rub when we have torment in the lower back and stir individuals who have blacked out.

The point is in the middle of the nose and upper lip, gently massage 5 minutes, twice a day.



This point helps improve the functions of the intestines, is situated in the central part of the hands, where it joins the thumb and fingers.


The leg

Is located right below the knee. It helps to improve digestion and increase nutrient absorption capacity.



It is situated in the center of the top of the ear, massage this point helps to control anxiety and control the heart rhythm. We must carefully this point massage 3 minutes a day.



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